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Maine Lighthouses and their stories: how to visit, understanding the maritime history of Maine and enjoying the beautiful, iconic coastline.

Find me somebody that doesn’t automatically think of lighthouses when you say the word Maine. While there is more to the state than the picturesque lighthouses, 65 of them dot the shores from Whaleback Light in the Piscatqua River to West Quoddy Lighthouse at the Canadian border. Some are accessible to visit and tour and some are dreamily sitting off shore, inaccessible and crumbling in the surf.

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Maine Lighthouses to Visit

From the Vermont border up to Bath and the Kennebec River, some of Maine’s most famous lighthouses sit, still lighting the coastline. Southern Maine includes the Portland Head Lighthouse, where you can actually stand in one particular spot and see five lighthouses at once!

Moving onto Mid-Coast Maine, you’ll find more iconic lighthouse sights to see that you might not even realize are a part of American pop culture. You know when Forest Gump is running across the country over and over? At one point he runs to the end of the Marshall Point Light walkway and turns around. That’s Mid-Coast Maine! Continuing up the coast, Penobscot Bay and Acadia National Park are home to more epic lighthouse sites.

The furthest north lighthouse on the Maine coast is the Lubec Channel Light with the West Quoddy Lighthouse not far off. Plan the most epic and winding of all Maine road trips and you might just be able to visit around 40 of the lights. Very ambitious travel plan!

Maine Nautical History

Thank goodness there are fantastic nautical records covering most of Maine’s history. Digging into the maritime past, we’ve got everything from coastal legends to top picks for museums and ship building spots. There’s more to Maine than lobstering…

Coastal Main Photography and Art

Maine lighthouses are the perfect subject for both technical and artsy photography and mixed media. We’ve got tips for planning lighthouse visits for the best lighting, angles, and how to visit without breaking laws and trespassing (very important!).

Additionally, we’re excited to feature local photographers and artists who will share their version and vision of Maine.

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